"Please, call me Honorary Space Marshal Gitka."

Val Gitka is a reptilian-like alien that is the main villain of the episode Marshal for a Week.

Crimes Edit

He was first apprehended by Josh's crew for terrorizing nine star systems. When this happended is unknown. However, this made Gitka furious, and made him seek revenge for his arrest as soon as possible.

In Marshal for a Week .when Kimball activates the gravity inversion in his cell, he takes this as an opportunity to escape. Using the suction on his hands and feet, he made a quick getaway without Kimball noticing until later on.

He took advantage of Galaxy High's budget crunch, and saw this as a way to get close to Josh and his crew to get his revenge. He transformed into a human, and created an alter-ego, named Thurston Styles III. Then, he created a fake cheque and made a fake bank, named "Gitkian Savings and Loan". He was accepted as GH's first honorary space marshal, and for the most part he went undetected. However, he was later found out when Kimball was doing a prisoner rolecall for his cell, and she found he was nowhere to be seen. Principal Kirkpatrick was also told by Mr. Berfuda that Honorary Marshal Styles' cheque was a forgery . Putting two and two together, Principal PK issued a warning to Josh's crew that Gitka had escaped.

He was too late, however. By the time the message got out to them, Thurston and Fluffy were the only ones at the Hornet at the time, and it was there he revealed his identity. He quickly takes Fluffy, ties him up with some rope, and tosses him outside with the rest of his crew. He then tries to steal the team's ship, and leave them there to die on a barren planet. However, Brett activates the ship's manual override, causing the ship to lose power and Gitka being unable to escape. Angry, he goes after Brett and the crew with the weapon he took from Galaxy High . Chasing them down into a small cavern, he was set on taking Brett's Arm Computer so he could reactivate the ship. When Brett tells him it only works if he has it on, Gitka tries to take him back with him, by force. Yoko attempted to reason with him with her space mime performance, though he was unamused and shot at Yoko, Josh and Fluffy anyway. Thinking he killed them, Gitka forces Brett to take him back to the ship, demonstrating the eyes at the back of his head in the process.

Back at the Hornet, Gitka tells Brett that he'll drop him off someplace safe where he can get some milk and cookies. He refuses, trying to stand up to him. He tells Brett that they'll be stuck there together, and when the food runs out, he'll resort to eating him instead. Frightened at the thought, Brett initially pretends to try to activate the ship, playing it off as him being clumsy. Gitka wouldn't have it, and threatened to kill him if he didn't press the right button. Once Brett does activate the ship, however, Gitka wishes him goodbye and used his weapon to coerce him out of the ship, for him to die with his crew. However, Josh and Yoko come to the rescue with their newly built Hyperwave Transmitting Device. Using it, Yoko defeats Gitka and they take him back to Galaxy High for recontainment. 

He now resides at Galaxy High's Containment Facility, under stronger security so escape isn't possible.

Trivia Edit

  • His prisoner number at Galaxy High is #24601.
  • Along with Kraig and Mantis, he is one of the only aliens in the series to have a human alter-ego.
  • He doesn't like mimes, as demonstrated by Yoko and her space mime act.
  • He is ultra sensitive to certain wavelengths of sound, as he was initially arrested using a Hyperwave Transmitting Generator .
  • He has eyes at the back of his head, both in alien and human form. In human form it's a bald spot at the back of his head.
  • His human alter-ego's name is Thurston Styles III.


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