Ms. Roskoff holding the UTPU.

The UTPU, which stands for "underwater turbo-powered battery", is a floatation device issued by Ms. Roskoff for all marshals to use. According to the episode it was mentioned in, Episode 12: H2O-NO, Ms. Roskoff herself named the device.


The UTPU came equipped with various assets to assist with missions that marshals may travel if they need to go underwater. It would be attached to the back of the underwater suit and controlled with a control sphere.



Bobby wearing the UTPU.

During Ms. Roskoff's demonstration in the episode it was introduced in, the UTPU came with twin "turbo-powered boosts" which allowed wearers to maneuver around the water with ease. As seen in Bobby's demonstration of the device, those who wore it were also able to do tricks or travel at a relatively high speed while in the water.

Electrostatic GeneratorEdit

With the push of a button, an electrostatic generator would shoot a beam of electricity from the device. It was included as a precautionary defense for marshals when wearing the gear.


From the tops of the UTPU, the device could also shoot cables, of which its ends had the ability to stick to almost any surface. The cables were also retractable, which meant the force of the sticky material at the end of the cable could pull objects or the wearer towards one another.


The use of the UTPU was only demonstrated in episode 12. While Josh, Yoko and Brett visited Marineland to recover stolen water, Josh managed to conquer his fear of getting in the water when he went to confront the inhabitants. Using the UTPU, he quickly managed to save Yoko and Brett while they were held in captivity by the alien creatures, and later, made use of the electrostatic generator and cables to arresting an escaping criminal.