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Season 2: 2007

# Title Prod. #
27 "Marshall For A Week" 201
When Galaxy High experiences a budget deficit, Principal Kirkpatrick comes up with a solution to get the funds necessary to keep the school up and running: offer a “Week At Galaxy High” to the highest bidder. And the winner is… Thurston Styles III – an incredibly enthusiastic, ultra rich guy who wants to experience every aspect of being a space marshal! From the moment Thurston arrives at GH, however, he’s a whirlwind of disaster – and Josh, Yoko and Brett, who’ve been placed in charge of him, can’t wait to get rid of him. Matters only get worse when they take Thurston on a mission. He likes it so much that he decides that he never wants it to end. After all, this is his big chance to become a space marshal (you see, when he applied to Galaxy High, he didn’t pass the psychological exam). And so, he takes over the ship, forcing the team to go on an extremely dangerous mission – one that will surely end in disaster! Can the gang stop him before it’s too late? In a b-story, Yoko gets a really scathing review of her most recent performance in the GH digital newspaper… and is determined to find out who wrote it! Turns out, her worst critic is actually a computer.
28 "Space-squatch" 202
When the GH students study intergalactic alien legends in class, they learn about a very rare and very dangerous alien called Space-squatch. Though some insist he doesn’t actually exist, Josh is convinced that he does (in fact, he’s certain he saw him once on a camping trip as a kid). And so, he, Yoko and Brett set out to track the mysterious creature and collect the reward/fame/guaranteed A+ that comes with his capture. When they eventually do trap him, however, they are shocked to learn that he isn’t dangerous at all – just a gentle, scared, misunderstood alien. And when a notorious cosmic bounty hunter shows up to take Space-squatch out (the gang inadvertently leads him right to the creature), Josh, Yoko and Brett must do whatever it takes to save him. Easier said than done considering the vicious bounty hunter will stop at nothing to bag his prized prey! In a b-story, the gang does a research project on space legends.
29 "The Matchmaker" 203
When Yoko realizes that Mr. Spzoercliipw’ is a bachelor at age 249, she decides to play matchmaker. She goes on the “Intergalactic Net” to find him the perfect match. It’s not long before she finds someone who seems to share all the same interests as her favorite teacher – and so she sets up a blind date. At first Mr. S. is skeptical, but Yoko eventually convinces him to give it a shot (besides, she, Brett and Josh will be there incognito to make sure everything goes smoothly). It turns out that Yoko is an excellent matchmaker, because on the date, Mr. S. is instantly smitten with the beautiful alien woman he’s been set up with. So much so, that the couple decide to get married immediately! Though everyone is shocked, they’re all happy for Mr. S. and attend the alien wedding. After the couple leaves for their honeymoon, Yoko soon discovers the horrifying truth: the alien woman is actually a creature who, once married, eats her spouse to gain power!!! Yoko and the gang must track down the newlyweds and save Mr. S. before it’s too late. In a b-story, Brett invents the “Intergalactic Net.”
30 "Cybercop 4000" 204
When Principal Kirkpatrick sends the team on a mission to stop an alien baddie from terrorizing a peaceful planet, Josh, Yoko and Brett spring into action! Only when they arrive on the scene, they are shocked to discover someone, or rather something, has beat them to it. The gang watches incredulously as Cybercop 4000 – an enormous crime-fighting robot with 4000 amazing functions – easily takes out the bad guy. Needless to say, they’re baffled. That is, until the robot’s colorful alien creator introduces himself and explains that his invention is the future of intergalactic crime-fighting. The gang quickly returns to GH to report the incident to PK… only when they get there, they see that he and the rest of the school are already privy to what’s happening as they watch an over-the-top commercial for the Cybercop 4000 that’s playing on the monitors. PK tells his troops that they’re going to have to be extra efficient on their missions because they now have some serious competition. Unfortunately, despite the teams’ vigilance, the crime-fighting cyborg continues to out-perform them. And, faced with no other choice, PK decides to close Galaxy High – declaring that the Cybercop has rendered them obsolete! In the end, Josh, Yoko and Brett discover that the robot’s creator is not so benevolent after all. With GH out of the picture, he plans on using his cyborg to take over the universe! In a b-story, when Josh saves Princess Kimball’s life (actually he just catches a bug that’s gotten stuck in her hair), she’ll stop at nothing to make it up to him. At first, he’s excited by all the lavish things she does to show her gratitude… until all the attention begins to drive him crazy!
31 "Planet Goodtimes" 205
When Galaxy High receives calls from various planets around the universe reporting a strange and sudden state of coldness and darkness, Principal Kirkpatrick sends Josh, Yoko and Brett out to investigate. To their utter shock and amazement, what they discover is that these planets are actually missing their suns! And when the gang gets a sudden distress call from Galaxy High, they rush back to Earth… just in time to see a strange alien craft stealing the sun! Though they try to stop it, they are not successful – and the Earth, like the other planets, is soon plunged in complete blackness! Josh, Yoko and Brett follow clues that eventually lead them to Planet Goodtimes -- an incredibly luxurious and tropical resort. As they sneak onto the planet, they come to discover that the alien, Pompadour, who created the resort has been stealing the suns in an effort to provide his guests with 24/7 solar satisfaction! Can the gang stop him and return the suns to their home planets before it’s too late? In a b-story, Ms. Roskoff, who’s never taken a vacation in her life, wins a weekend getaway to Planet Goodtimes – and is less than thrilled when the gang shows up to disrupt her much needed rest and relaxation!
32 "Dragodor Madness" 206
As Josh, Yoko and Brett return to Earth from a mission, they suddenly have Hornet problems and are forced to crash land on a small, uncharted planet. When they get out to assess the damage, they realize they’re in more trouble than they thought – they’ve landed in the middle of a strange coliseum where they are left with no choice but to fight a giant, bull-like alien creature! As the gang works together to defeat the baddie (to the delight of the crowd of aliens around them), they ultimately discover that the beast is not real – just a mechanical dummy created by the planet’s aliens! Nonetheless, the aliens hail them as heroes, and are convinced they are just what they need to restore honor to their planet. As much as the team tries to convince them that what they did was a fluke, the aliens insist that they stick around -- after all, the real creature is due to arrive shortly! When the team asks what they’re talking about, they explain that once a year a powerful alien comes to their coliseum and fights their toughest gladiators. Despite all their practicing, they haven’t been able to win a match so far. As a result, they live in shame and disgrace. Though the team is flattered, they decline the invitation, saying they’d like to just fix their ship and be on their way. Unfortunately, every time they try to depart, the aliens prevent them from doing so and it becomes painfully obvious to the team that they’re going back into the ring whether they like it or not. When game day comes, Josh, Yoko and Brett are horrified to see how massive the real creature is. And so, they covertly sneak away, leaving holograms of themselves behind to fight it. But as they make their escape, the creature realizes it’s been duped and decides to take its anger out on the aliens. Realizing the chaos they’ve caused, the team has no choice but to return and save the day. Ultimately, they defeat the creature and restore honor to the planet. In a b-story, when the GH students receive the results of their yearly physical, Brett discovers his stress levels are the highest in school history... so he transforms himself into a slacker!
33 "Mr. 6025-A46" 207
When Principal Kirkpatrick informs the students that Mr. Fitch has retired, they cheer. But when he explains that Galaxy High will be getting a new teacher to replace him, they respond with typical teenage moans and groans. But their attitudes quickly change when they meet Mr. 6025-A46 – a dynamic, charismatic, fun-at-all-cost alien teacher! With his far-out teaching style (he doesn’t believe in homework and gives out gold star lapel pins instead of grades), and his unorthodox curriculum (instructing the students in a variety of cool infiltration and attack techniques), Mr. 6025-A46 soon becomes the most popular teacher on campus, winning the hearts and minds of all the students… with the exception of Brett, that is. Though Josh and Yoko try to convince him otherwise, Brett is certain there’s something not quite right about this guy. After doing some snooping, Brett confirms his suspicions… Mr. 6025-A46 is actually an evil alien who escaped from the Galaxy High containment facility long ago. But before Brett can warn the others, the imposter teacher activates the hidden mind-control frequency in the students’ lapel pins, causing them to turn from space marshals into his personal army of mutineers. With the Galaxy High students now under his control, he leads an all out assault to take over the school. It’s up to the faculty and Brett (who never earned his gold star), to stop the rogue students and their evil leader, and return order to the school before it’s too late! In a b-story, the students are surprised to hear that Mr. Fitch has retired. But ultimately, they discover he’s really been kidnapped by their new teacher and are thrilled to get him back in the end.
34 "The Toe Is The Foe" 208
When aliens are reported missing all over the universe, Josh, Brett and Yoko are sent to check it out. Unfortunately, their investigation yields no clues and the case goes cold, forcing them to return to school. Meanwhile, Fluffy, in an effort to get the gang to remember his birthday, keeps dropping not-so-subtle hints -- but nothing seems to jar their memories. Feeling forgotten, Fluffy decides to run away from home. But before he gets very far, he’s captured by the Intergalactic Alien Catcher (from episode #018), who promptly sells him to a new owner – a cosmic jeweler named Twinkle Toe – who deals only to the universe’s most elite clientele! At first, Fluffy thinks his new life is going to be glamorous… that is, until he’s taken to a remote planet where he’s forced to work (alongside the other missing aliens) mining extremely rare and precious gems. By the time Josh, Yoko and Brett realize Fluffy is missing and trace his trail to the IAC, things on the planet have already gone awry. Because of all the digging Twinkle Toe has his minions doing, the planet is starting to collapse on itself. It’s up to Team Galaxy, with the help of the IAC, to save Fluffy and the other indentured aliens… and bring Twinkle Toe to justice… before it’s too late. In a b-story, Fluffy, sad that his team has forgotten his birthday, runs away from GH.
35 "Adventures In Alien-sitting" 209
Principal Kirkpatrick announces that he’s holding a trial for a dangerous alien at Galaxy High. “Alien dignitaries from around the universe will be in attendance, including a witness, King Fypon.” Josh, Brett and Yoko are all ears when Principal Kirkpatrick tells them that they have a very important role in the trial. But their anticipation quickly turns to disappointment when they find out that their assignment is to look after the King’s son, Fypon Jr., whose babysitter canceled at the last minute. When the gang first meets the seemingly innocent and docile alien toddler, they think that their assignment may actually be kind of fun. But once the adults are out of the picture, Fypon Jr. proves to be quite a handful. The moment he’s alone with the team, he begins to cry… an ear-piercing, glass-shattering, alien baby cry! When Yoko tries to comfort him, he bites her finger and scurries up the wall and across the ceiling, escaping! Josh, Yoko and Brett try to run damage control as Fypon Jr. cuts a swath of destruction across Galaxy High, releasing creatures from the GH containment facility; sneaking into Mission Command and creating chaos; and taking an Aerobike for a joyride! When Kirkpatrick reprimands the team for making noise and disturbing the trial, the gang tries to explain that it’s all Fypon Jr’s fault. But when PK looks at the now big-eyed, cooing toddler, he doesn’t buy it. He gives them a stern warning… no more goofing around or they'll be forced to clean the GH. Heeding the Principal’s words, Josh, Brett and Yoko decide to put Fypon Jr. into a fortified playpen. But before long, he even escapes that and commandeers Fitch’s newest gadget – the Exo-Armor Utility Suit (a mechanical suit that one actually gets inside of, a la “Aliens”). If the toddler was a menace before, he’s a terror now. Added to the headache is the fact that the alien criminal on trial has escaped and goes after the toddler. Can the gang stop him before the trial is a bust and Fypon Jr. is lost forever?! In a b-story Mr. Fitch introduces the students to an awesome new piece of machinery.
36 "Yoko-mania!" 210
When Yoko gets a singing gig at an intergalactic concert hall, she’s totally psyched. And when she plays to an enthusiastic, sold-out crowd, she finally feels like she’s on the path to becoming famous! When she returns to Galaxy High, she finds herself showered with flowers, gifts and poems – all sent to her courtesy of the Yoko Maniacs – her official Fan Club. And when she gets an invitation to appear at an upcoming fan club meeting, she can’t resist! When she arrives at the meeting, however, Yoko is confused to find only a single alien fan there. What she quickly realizes is that the alien, who has the ability to shape-shift, has lured her there with the intention of capturing her and taking over not just her appearance, but also her new career! Meanwhile, back at GH, the gang gets an urgent call from Principal Kirkpatrick, sending them on an emergency mission. When Josh and Brett realize that Yoko is missing, they set out to find her – before tackling their assignment. And when they fly past an outer-space billboard advertising her latest gig, it doesn’t take them long to do so. When they arrive at the venue and approach Yoko, however, they immediately start to sense something strange about her. Regardless, they convince her to go with them. But when Josh and Brett see that Yoko clearly can’t handle her marshal duties, their suspicions grow. And when a distrustful Fluffy reveals her to be an alien imposter, she captures them just like she did the real Yoko… and sequesters them on her home planet with their missing teammate (where they’re all left in a threatening predicament)! The gang ultimately escapes the alien’s planet and tracks it down – defeating it in a battle that prevents it from doing any more damage to them or Yoko’s career. In a b-story, Yoko gets a lucky charm which she’s convinced is going to help her become more successful.
37 "Monkey Business" 211
When prominent space researchers, travelers and technicians suddenly go missing around the galaxy, Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are put in charge of the investigation. As the gang visits a space station where the first alien disappeared from, it becomes quickly apparent that there was a struggle and the missing alien tech was abducted. Just then, Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy receive word from Kirkpatrick that Roskoff, who is out on a patrol in space, has sent him a distress signal. The gang jumps into action and heads for her coordinates. When they see their teacher under attack from an alien vessel, they try to intervene. Unfortunately they are unsuccessful, and after a quick action scene, Roskoff and her Defender are taken away. The marshals are, however, able to pick up a clue that leads them to the attacking alien's planet. The team covertly sneaks onto the planet where they discover something quite shocking... the mastermind behind the abductions is none other than a famed monkey cosmonaut named Bobo who went missing during an experimental interplanetary teleportation experiment many years ago. When Bobo arrived at his destination planet (not the destination planet intended by those who sent him -- their coordinates were off), he was exposed to copious amounts of cosmic radiation that unfortunately mutated him into a partially crazy, mostly diabolical alien super-monkey! His plan? To exact revenge on the team of scientists who were responsible for losing him in space by sending them through the same teleportation device he went through (with the intention of losing them forever). After getting over the fact that Ms. Roskoff was part of such a strange experiment, the gang heroically steps in to battle Bobo and save the kidnapped researchers. In the end, Bobo is brought back to Galaxy High where they are able to reverse the effects of the radiation -- turning him back into the normal monkey he once was. He is then rehabilitated back into the wild. In a b-story, Yoko spearheads a contest to update the design for the school mascot, Blip The Alien. In the end, the GH students vote to change the mascot to Bobo, but Yoko begs them to change it back. Wearing a monkey suit isn’t the update she had in mind!
38 "Star Maps" 212
When Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy spot the ship of a colorful “star chart” reader on the way back from a mission, Yoko begs them to make a pit stop. Though Josh and Fluffy think it sounds like a totally fun idea, Brett is reluctant – insisting that star chart readers are nothing more than foolish intergalactic fortune tellers! Regardless, Brett is outvoted and the gang goes inside… where they meet a beautiful exotic alien creature who tells Yoko she will find fame; tells Josh to expect a life of effortless luxury; and tells Brett that he’s destined to be an intergalactic accountant. Huh!?! Brett can’t believe it – he knows that he’s destined to be a space marshal! Annoyed, he leads the gang back to the Hornet and they head back to Galaxy High. But before they can make it to school, Principal Kirkpatrick calls and tells them he has an urgent mission for them. “Strange and dangerous phenomena have been popping up all over the galaxy! Bobby’s team is investigating an uncharted pulsar; Spavid’s team is looking into the appearance of a mysterious aurora; and your team is to check out a nearby planet that we’ve lost contact with.” Without missing a beat, the gang springs into action and takes off. And when they arrive at the planet in question and see the aliens desperately fleeing from it in their ships, they realize whatever’s happening must be serious. And that’s when they see a giant ice volcano (that did not exist on the tropical planet previously), spewing chunks of frozen water from its core! In a harrowing action beat, the gang is eventually able to cork it. When they return to their ship and do a little research, they discover that the cause of all of the strange space occurrences is due to an apparent realignment of the galaxy’s stars. What they eventually uncover is that the star-chart reader, in an effort to manipulate her own fortune, has literally rearranged the stars in the sky! Can the team stop her and return the stars to their original alignment before the galaxy is thrown into an irreversible chaos? In a b-story, Brett, upon learning from a star-chart reader that he’s destined to become an accountant, becomes determined to prove that he’s meant to be a space marshal – the best space marshal in the universe!
39 "Intergalactic Exchange" 213
Mr. Spzoercliipw’ has some exciting news for the students of his Alien Cultures class: he has arranged for three teams to visit three different alien schools on three different planets, each unique and interesting! Bobby, Toby and Kimball will go to sunny and tropical Lushtopia; Spavid, Andi and Ryan will visit the bustling Hiptropolous; and Josh, Brett and Yoko will be attending Outpost High on Dustbowl 11. At the end of their weeklong visits, the teams will return to Galaxy High and give reports on their experiences. Though Josh, Brett and Yoko aren’t too excited to be going to the least appealing of the three places, there’s no room to wiggle out of the assignment – because Principal Kirkpatrick is looking forward to a week without his mischievous son around! When the gang arrives on Dustbowl 11, they are greeted by a group of cheery aliens and treated as guests of honor. Suddenly, the team doesn’t think their visit will be so bad after all. As the week progresses, though, strange things begin to happen. Yoko is suddenly missing a chunk of her hair, Josh notices that his toenails have been mysteriously clipped and Brett loses a tooth! Suspecting that something weird is going on, the gang snoops around the school and ultimately discovers that, in a secret lab, the aliens are using their DNA samples to create Josh, Brett and Yoko replicants! Before the gang can stop them, however, they’re discovered and apprehended, allowing the aliens to implement their plan: to use the replicants to gain entry into Galaxy High so they can take it over! Can Josh, Brett and Yoko escape the planet and round up the other Galaxy High students on neighboring planets before their own school is attacked? In a b-story, Principal Kirkpatrick is elated that he finally has a week where he doesn’t have to worry about constantly disciplining Josh.
40 "Super Spavid" 214
We open on Spavid’s home planet, Merthoz, where the GH space marshals attend a very special ceremony – a ceremony where Spavid is recognized as an official Merthozian adult! When they return to school, Spavid starts to realize that the ceremony was more than just symbolic. As an “adult,” Spavid has been bestowed with a wide array of impressive alien powers! Suddenly, Spavid can move objects with his mind; has the ability to become invisible; and discovers that he can fly! As a result of his newfound skills, he quickly becomes the most popular space marshal at Galaxy High – so much so, that Spavid’s personality begins to change. Because of all the attention he’s receiving, the once humble and helpful alien teen quickly becomes an ego-maniac. And when “Space Cadet Quarterly” comes a-calling, asking Spavid to be the cover model of an all-Spavid issue, he suddenly finds himself too busy to even bother with his space marshal duties. Ultimately, Merthoz comes under attack (from its arch nemesis planet Werthoz), and, with Spavid nowhere to be found, the other marshals head for the planet to try and help. Unfortunately, the attacking aliens are too much for the marshals to handle alone. When Spavid finally gets word of the assault, he shows up to help – using his knowledge to defeat the intruders. In the end, Spavid decides to return his powers until he feels he’s adult enough to handle them. In a b-story, Brett becomes jealous of Spavid when his scientific article that was to appear in “Space Cadet Quarterly” gets bumped for an all-Spavid issue.
41 "Treasure of the Solara Moonray" 215
While on a Ms. Schragger-lead field trip to the far away planet of Solara Moonray (a planet that’s lived in peace for a billion Earth years), Josh, Yoko and Brett discover what appears to be some kind of mysterious artifact. Though Brett wants to turn it over to Ms. S immediately, Josh convinces him to keep it under wraps – at least until they can learn a bit more about it. “After all, it could be valuable.” What the gang doesn’t realize, however, is that they’re being clandestinely watched by Blackbeards (from episode #011) who was looking for the artifact! Back at school, the team does some secret research and determines that the artifact is actually a treasure map – the notorious Treasure of the Solara Moonray to be exact, rumored to bring whoever finds it a “fitting reward.” The gang vows to keep the map a secret and set out together in the morning to find the treasure. Unfortunately, greed gets the better of them and, after three silly dream sequences in which each team member dreams of their reward, they forget their promise to each other and each tries to steal the map! What ensues is a mad dash to get to the treasure first, with the map changing hands several times on Solara Moonray. Ultimately, when the gang finds the treasure, they are surprised to learn that they’ve also lead Blackbeards to it. After restraining the team, Blackbeards opens the “treasure,” only to find that he’s released an evil alien that was imprisoned inside by the Solara Moonrayians. The map was a trick created by the alien to fool someone into releasing him. Realizing that their greed is partially to blame for the situation, and that the “fitting reward” is more fitting than they imagined, Josh, Yoko and Brett have to work together to save Blackbeards and stop the alien before he destroys Galaxy High! In a b-story, the gang lets greed get the better of them.
42 "The Belly Of The Beast" 216
When Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are sent on an assignment to find out what destroyed a cosmic fueling station and caused their GH friend Spavid to suddenly go missing, they quickly realize this is no ordinary mission. After landing on a large planet to do some investigating, they soon realize that the planet isn’t a planet – it’s actually a gigantic space creature which is capable of devouring everything in its path – including them! Despite their best efforts to thwart it, the creature swallows them whole!!! Trapped inside the creature’s belly, the gang desperately searches for a way out. And, after several unsuccessful attempts, they begin to think that their days of being space marshals are numbered. As they await their fate, being slowly digested by the alien being, they begin to reminisce about all of the adventures they’ve been through together; about how they’ve grown as a team; and about all the intergalactic baddies they’ve faced (all of which we see in flashback, of course). And just when it looks like the end is near, Yoko makes a startling discovery: this particular alien creature actually has a funny bone! When the gang “tickles” it using a gadget, they’re able to laugh their way out of the hungry beast. Now free, the team squares off against the creature again. And this time the marshals, and Spavid, emerge victorious! In a b-story, Brett teaches himself about alien anatomy.
43 "Toy Galaxy" 217
When Principal Kirkpatrick, in order to raise money for Galaxy High, announces that he’s sold the Team Galaxy toy rights to famed cosmic toy maker Marty McBoogle, the marshals are totally psyched. After all, what could be cooler than having mini replicas of themselves and their ships hit the intergalactic toy market!?! And when the alien toy maker comes to visit the school, making molds of the marshals for his action figures and taking personality profiles of them to make the toys as authentic as possible, the gang is even more excited. To celebrate the launch of the Team Galaxy line, PK authorizes a field trip to an intergalactic toy fair for the unveiling of the toys. Unfortunately, when they’re presented to the cosmic public, the toys go bad – attacking everything in sight with their mini gadgets before escaping! After some investigation, what the gang eventually discovers is that Rex-3 (from episode #016) is to blame. After slipping away from the GH Containment Facility and stowing aboard Marty McBoogle’s ship, Rex-3 snuck his way into the inner workings of the toy maker’s factory… causing a glitch which turned the Team Galaxy toys evil! His goal? To use the sinister toys to take over the universe (and tarnish GH’s good reputation in the process). In the end, our marshals have to battle the toy replicas of themselves and their ships and stop Rex-3 once again! In a b-story, PK is upset when he learns that he’s not considered “toyetic” enough to warrant an action figure of himself being made!
44 "Cosmic High" 218
When Josh unexpectedly gets a big part on “Cosmic High,” the hottest teen space TV show in the entire universe, he’s somewhat stoked… and Yoko is incredibly jealous. And when he arrives on set and meets Vera Starbeam, the show’s way intense captain and totally dedicated star (who Josh is impressed to discover never, ever breaks character), he decides that maybe a career on the small screen is the life for him! So much so, in fact, that he makes a huge decision: to leave Galaxy High for a while so that he can pursue his true calling, intergalactic acting (or intergalacting as they call it in the biz)! Though Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are shocked and disappointed by their teammate’s seemingly rash decision, they promise to tune in every week in a show of support. When Josh returns to the “Cos High” set to begin his new life, however, things quickly go from fun to strange. It seems that Vera isn’t such a good actor after all -- she’s actually extremely delusional and believes that her TV show is reality! And so, she commandeers the cast, forcing them to go on a mission with her... a mission where the goal is to destroy what Vera believes is Cosmic High’s arch nemesis -- Galaxy High! In the end, Josh, caught in the crossfire, has to stop Vera’s onslaught, save the CH cast and himself, and rejoin Team Galaxy. In a b-story, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy deal with life without Josh!
45 "Strange Fruit" 219
On the way back from a mission, Josh, Yoko and Brett can’t believe how hungry they are – so they decide to land on a nearby planet to check out the local cuisine. Unfortunately, when they get there, they find that the planet, with its lush, tropical landscape, is void of any restaurants. As Yoko and Brett are about to leave, Josh spots a tree bearing an abundance of unusual-looking fruit. Brett warns him not to eat it: “Who knows what effect alien fruit will have on the human digestive system?” But Josh isn’t worried – after all, a herd of freaky aliens across the valley seem to be eating it without any problem. Josh gorges himself. Upon returning to Galaxy High, Josh is pleased to learn that after many attempts, Toby has finally agreed to go on a date with him. But then something strange starts to happen. In the days leading up to the date, Josh begins to undergo some bizarre physical changes (his skin starts to turn red; a stem emerges from the top of his head; seeds begin shooting out of his ears). As much as he doesn’t want to admit it, he realizes he’s turning into a giant version of the fruit he ate earlier! With Toby already growing suspicious of his odd behavior, and not wanting to blow the upcoming date, Josh decides to head back to the planet where he became affected to desperately seek a remedy. Unfortunately, he finds himself on the run from a herd of hungry aliens who, seeing him as mother of all fruit, would like nothing more than to eat him for dinner. Luckily, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy figure out what’s happening and set out to help their friend. Can the four of them fight off the ravenous aliens and turn Josh back to his regular self before it’s too late? In a b-story, Josh finally gets a date with Toby.
46 "Cool Hand Marshals" 220
When Josh, Brett and Fluffy are out helping Yoko practice for her upcoming pilot test, Yoko accidentally backs into a building while she’s trying to parallel park the Hornet! When an alien comes running out of the hole in the building, the gang apologizes for what they did and asks if there’s anything they can do for him – like pay for the damage. But the alien declines their offer, then oddly hugs them, thanks them profusely, and runs away. Thinking it’s a little strange, the gang shrugs and heads back toward Galaxy High. But just when they think things can’t get any worse (the Hornet has some pretty visible scrapes from the fender-bender), the Hornet gets pulled over by the Space Patrol. As Josh tries to talk his way out of what he assumes is a speeding ticket, the gang is completely shocked when they are arrested and hauled off to prison! The marshals think this is all a big misunderstanding and are relieved when Mr. S. But a warden shows the marshals video footage of the gang breaking an extremely dangerous criminal out of the very jail they are about to be locked up in! It turns out the criminal is an alien named Abraxas, and he’s the most notorious burglar in the universe. JYB&F can’t believe it! They decide that the only way to clear their names is to escape and catch Abraxas themselves. Using a gadget, they free themselves and reclaim their Hornet. They blast off and give the authorities the slip. Ultimately, the team figures out that Abraxas is heading to the top secret laboratory he was originally apprehended at while trying to steal a dangerous device capable of eliminating gravity. But as the gang shows up to prevent him from completing the crime, the authorities show up too -- making it look as if the team is once again in on the crime. Can the marshals stop this alien menace before it’s too late and prove their innocence for once and for all? In a b-story, it’s time for the marshals to renew their drivers’ licenses. Yoko is upset for that she will fail her upcoming pilot test and needs help.
47 "Trick Or Treat" 221
It’s Halloween time at Galaxy High and Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy decide to head to nearby planet Treat to do their intergalactic trick-or-treating! When they arrive and begin their door-to-door treat gathering, however, they are sorely disappointed. Instead of yummy cosmic candies and delightful space sweets, their bags are filled with an assortment of bizarre alien oddities! Declaring Halloween officially a bust, they decide to head back to school. But just as they’re about to take off, they see a flier on their ship’s windshield. Upon closer inspection, they realize it’s an invitation to a space-tastic Halloween party! Though Brett’s tired and wants to head back to GH, Josh and Yoko want to put their partying slippers on. And with Fluffy casting the deciding vote, they excitedly head out. Though Brett is disappointed at first, his attitude quickly changes when he arrives at the totally fun gathering. From the alien apple-bobbing to the cosmic pumpkin-carving, the space marshals are having the time of their lives! That is until, one by one, they, along with the other party guests, get abducted by the party throwers (who they come to realize aren’t wearing costumes, but are actually scary-looking galactic ghouls)! What the gang eventually uncovers is that the aliens of planet Treat are collecting them to use as an offering to the giant alien who will be visiting their planet (and who visits their planet every Halloween) at midnight! In the end, the gang has to free themselves (and the other abductees) and stop the mega-alien! In a b-story, the GH gang searches for a little Halloween excitement… and finds it.
48 "Shades Of Gray… Matter" 222
When Brett grows frustrated with his Galaxy High classmates for not taking their educational endeavors as seriously as he does, he begins to wish he had new friends who were more in tune with his intellect and academic goals. So when he hears about the existence of a legendary secret society of highly intelligent aliens called Frontal Lobe, who are dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, Brett seeks out the clandestine club with designs on joining them. Arriving on the supposed secret society’s spaceship, which looks suspiciously like a giant brain, Brett approaches the aliens and asks them if he can be inducted into their club. At first the aliens (who are ridiculously smart-looking with their enormous, bulbous bald heads) reject him, but Brett eventually proves himself to be their mental equal and they let him join. Now surrounded by like-minded “friends,” Brett couldn’t be happier. The society plays funny brain games and has challenging activities like reinventing the wheel. In addition, everyone has the same nerdy sense of humor. For once, Brett feels like he really belongs. But back at Galaxy High, Yoko and Josh notice a complete change in Brett’s demeanor. Instead of getting angry when Josh’s mess spills over into his side of the room, Brett takes it all in stride -- blaming Josh’s inferior brain power for causing Josh to behave the way he does. Worried about their teammate, Josh and Yoko decide to do some snooping, and, to their shock, they discover that the secret society has a much more sinister plan than just harmlessly geeking-out together. They are scheming to use a device to pool their collective brain power to figure out how to take out those in the universe they deem intellectually inferior – which is basically everyone! Can Josh and Yoko convince Brett that his new friends are not what they seem before it’s too late? Or will Brett become so brainwashed by his new peers that he goes along with their diabolical plan?! In a b-story, Yoko wants to find out more about Seth so she can figure out how best to impress him. But the task proves to be more difficult than Yoko thought.
49 "E-i-e-i-oh-no!" 223
When the gang is sent on a mission to check out strange attacks against an intergalactic amusement park designer, they discover clues that lead them, oddly enough, to one of the last remaining space farms in the galaxy. Upon arriving (undercover as farm hands) and meeting the kindly old alien farmer who owns the place, the students try their hand at a variety of intergalactic farming chores as they look for clues. Unfortunately, after milking a Gakus; plowing a rapidly-regenerating veggie field; and slopping a pen full of angry Hardakian Hogs, the gang is less than enthused. Turns out space farming is much more difficult than space marshaling... and much dirtier. Then something strange happens – a giant egg the marshals have just discovered in a secret part of the farm suddenly cracks open… and they find themselves under assault from what appears to be a giant, angry chick! Turns out all of the alien livestock on the planet has been engineered to be bigger and more aggressive. Why? The farmer is using them to attack the developer because he doesn’t want him to put an amusement park on the planet and run the farmer out of business. It’s up to the gang to settle the feud between the two sides and save the farm. In a b-story, Yoko decides to go to a date with Seth, but when she, Josh and Brett are captured, sent to scissortrap and saved by Fluffy, Yoko is angry when she got now short hair after the scissor has cut her hair. Yoko changes her style to don't let see Seth her short hair. And Fluffy finds true love with an alien animal.
50-52 "Predator Plants From Outer Space!" 224-226
In a teaser, we see a cosmic storm thrash a small planet inhabited by alien plant life. As the storm rages on, plant spores are carried away from the planet and toward Earth. Meanwhile, as Josh, Brett, Yoko and Fluffy are checking out a GH satellite for storm damage, they find themselves in the middle of a dogfight between two space crafts. When it becomes clear who the good guy is, the gang helps him run off the bad guy. After welcoming him aboard their ship, they discover that the friendly alien is Omni -- a teenage space marshal from another galaxy (the same space marshal that just won the Marshal Of The Milky Way Award, beating out Brett). It turns out that Gangus, the alien he was fighting against, was a prisoner at Omni’s space school. After he escaped, he destroyed the school and is now after Omni, who is only marshal he hasn’t yet captured. The gang (with the exception of Brett) takes an instant liking to their new friend and invite him back to Galaxy High. Back on Earth, we see the spores from the teaser float to the ground. Upon impact, they immediately begin to take root and grow! At school, Omni is introduced to everyone, and, because of his likeable personality, fast becomes a hit (which makes Brett jealous). Suddenly, Principal Kirkpatrick alerts everyone to come outside. What they see in the distance is shocking… alien plant life is growing at an alarming rate and is rapidly working its way toward Galaxy High. And when PK is informed that major cities around the world are under attack by bizarre plant aliens, they activate the defense shield -- not noticing that one plant has made it inside! When they finally realize what’s occurred it’s too late… the plant alien swallows Bobby whole! Luckily, after a pursuit, the gang is able to free Bobby… just as the plant aliens eat their way through the school’s main power line, causing the defense shield to go down! Thanks to Spavid, the gang is able to activate an auxiliary power source, buying our team (and Omni) just enough time to head out on an important mission: to find out more about the invading plant aliens so they can defeat them! Only when they arrive on the plants’ host planet, they make a startling discovery: remnants of a previous civilization, presumably ravaged by the same plant aliens! They realize that if they don’t do something fast, the same fate may befall Earth. But before their investigation can go any further, they are spotted. A chase follows, and although they put up a heroic fight, they are captured and imprisoned by the plant aliens. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the aliens have taken over every aspect of human life: they are driving our automobiles, crowding our movie theaters, and running our governments! And the only thing the marshals at Galaxy High can do is helplessly watch and wait for our team to return. Back on the alien planet, it becomes clear that Josh, Brett, Yoko, Fluffy and Omni are going to be disposed of. But just when it looks like their fate is sealed, the plant aliens are distracted by a distant buzzing sound. Seconds later, a swarm of strange alien insects invades the area. The plant aliens become instantly terrified and run for cover, giving our gang a chance to escape… but not before grabbing one of the insects (which Yoko names Bravero) to examine. If the plant aliens are afraid of him, he just might hold the key to defeating them. They dart back to their Hornet, but when they open the door, they’re shocked to see Gangus, the alien Omni was fighting with earlier. He’s been waiting for them. A quick battle erupts -- but the gang is able to fight him off, leaving him to the plant aliens! As they take off in the Hornet, however, Gangus is able to follow… and as he launches another intergalactic storm at them, they wonder if they’ll be around long enough to save Earth! Luckily, they’re able to turn his storm back at him, allowing them time to escape. Unluckily, Gangus is able to launch a tracking device at them without them knowing it. But the gang has other problems. As they arrive above Earth in their Hornet, they’re completely shocked by what they see: the entire planet is now covered with alien plant life! They fear the worst – that is, until they get a call from Spavid. He guides them in through the shield. Back at school, the team explains that, after a close examination of Bravero, they’ve determined that he is an herbivore – able to dissolve the leaves he eats by spitting an acidic substance on them, turning the plant to an edible paste. The gang realizes what they need to do to defeat the plant aliens: mass produce the chemical created by the alien insect and deliver it to them! Unfortunately, before they can formulate more of plan, the school is rocked by a powerful blast. The marshals look up and realize that it’s Gangus… and he’s just blown a hole in the defense shield with his ship! As plant aliens swarm Galaxy High, our team is forced to defend themselves – preventing them from helping Omni. As he’s snagged by Gangus’s ship’s tractor beam and taken away, the GH marshals try to get to their own ships. Unfortunately, the campus is completely overrun by plant aliens and they have to flee. Luckily for Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy, they’re able to board some aerobikes and drive away. As they roll toward civilization, they can’t believe the chaos they’re witnessing. Since they can no longer mass produce the acidic substance in the GH lab, Josh wants to know what their next move is. Brett isn’t sure, but suggests they take refuge in a greenhouse. Inside, he finds some weed repellent and attempts to use it on the plant aliens. Unfortunately, it only causes them to grow larger. Cut to: Gangus’s ship as he’s about to head out of Earth’s atmosphere… that is, until Omni is able to break free of the holding cell he’s in. The two engage in a fierce battle inside the ship. Back at the greenhouse, the team thinks they’re doomed. That is, until Gangus’s ship descends in front of them, blowing the plants away. They stand at the ready, not knowing what to expect. But they are thrilled when they see Omni step out of the cockpit. Back inside the greenhouse, the gang uses the heat to cause their alien insect friend to multiply. Now with the transportation they need, they load the insects inside and take off. They begin unleashing the predators on the planet and are excited to see their plan is working. But what they don’t anticipate is the plant aliens joining forces, combining their bodies to form one giant plant alien! After a fierce battle, the gang heroically defeats the villain by giving Bravero a dose of weed repellent – causing him to grow to gigantic proportions. The earth is saved! In the end, Omni, after putting Gangus in the GH Containment Facility, prepares to leave. But the gang won’t let him – they insist he become an official Galaxy High space marshal! He accepts. In a b-story, Brett is jealous when he loses the Marshal Of The Milky Way award to Omni.