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Season 1: 2006–2007

# Title Prod. #
1 "The New Recruit" 101

in 2049 a.d. A gregarious new student shows up at Galaxy High and immediately becomes popular with everyone there. The student happens to be a rebel like Josh, an A-plus student like Brett, and a multi-talented entertainer like Yoko. Though everyone at school (students and teachers alike) find the new student to be completely delightful, Yoko, on the other hand, is instantly suspicious of him. So much so, that she does everything in her power to expose the new marshal as a fraud. But each time, her plan backfires and Yoko is made to look like a jealous bad guy -- which only makes everyone like the new guy even more. Will Yoko be able to expose this new student for the ‘fraud’ that he is, or in the end is this really a big misunderstanding? In a b-story, Yoko hosts the first ever Galaxy High Open Mic Talent.

2 "Intergalactic Road Trip" 102
While on a routine mission to patrol the outer regions of Earth’s atmosphere, Josh gets an idea. Instead of doing another boring patrol, why not spice things up and zip over to a neighboring galaxy and check out a happening hotspot called Celestial Players? They quickly find out that this place is a magnet for every alien delinquent in the universe. And Josh quickly gets into trouble – losing a bet to a tough alien who immediately wants to take him out. Meanwhile, Brett and Yoko are taken into custody by Pompadour, an agent of the Dark Force! Now it is up to Josh to get Yoko and Brett back and get back to Galaxy High before curfew. In a b-story, Principal Kirkpatrick enlists the help of a student spy to keep an eye on Josh.
3 "Brett's Brain" 103
When GH receives a distress call from a nearby friendly planet, Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent to help the hapless robot aliens who live there. The computer that runs their weird planet has broken down and they need help fixing it. Only… when they realize that Brett is even smarter than their aging mainframe, their intentions go from innocent to evil. Once Brett returns to GH, the aliens follow… and steal Brett's brain right out from inside his head – turning him from GH’s brightest student to the dimmest. Can Josh and Yoko help their teammate before the damage becomes permanent!?! In a b-story, Yoko protests the new capsule-style food in the GH cafeteria.
4 "Psycho-Cycle" 104
Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent on a mission to investigate the strange disappearances of a number of friendly aliens. The only connection they can find between the missing are that they all are seem to be young, male aliens with a penchant for daredevil hobbies. So, who better to use as bait to catch the baddy than Josh? But as the alien abductor strikes again, he makes off with Josh and Fluffy before Yoko and Brett can stop him. Josh and Fluffy end up on a small, uncharted asteroid where everyone who was kidnapped is forced to square off against one another in a wild, dangerous, futuristic game called Psycho Cycle. At first, Josh is just trying to survive, but he is surprised when he unwittingly wins the game, and he (and Fluffy) become instant superstars to all of the fans. But when Josh tries to regain focus on the mission and take out the bad guy, the alien-villain uses a device to control Josh and Fluffy’s minds. They instantly become devoted to playing the game! Meanwhile, Yoko and Brett are able to piece together clues which lead them to the next competition. When they arrive, the team is shocked to see that Josh and Fluffy are total celebrities in the sport. Both claim they’ve quit Galaxy High to play full-time. Can the gang survive an all-out assault from their former GH friends? In a b-story, Yoko tries to raise her profile at school.
5 "Intergalactic Ahoy!" 105
In a prologue, Bobby’s team is abducted in outer space by an unseen force. Meanwhile, back at Galaxy High, Principal Kirkpatrick reveals to Josh, Brett and Yoko that the missing team was investigating a series of space hijackings when they themselves seem to have been hijacked. He sends our gang to check it out. After coming across the rival team’s disassembled and abandoned Hornet, the gang pieces together clues that lead them to a ragtag crew of space pirates. The pirates’ goal? To create a giant, indestructible pirate ship from the crafts they’ve hijacked, forcing the abducted crews to work as slaves to build it. When Josh’s team tries to save Bobby’s team (as well as other slave aliens), they too are captured by the pirates and put to work. Can Josh, Yoko, Brett and their classmates stage a mutiny and stop these cosmic pirates? In a b-story, Josh “borrows” Kirkpatrick’s deluxe personal hornet to test drive it on the mission.
6 "H20-no!" 106
When Galaxy High receives distress signals from various planets in the universe, Principal K sends several teams out to investigate. When they arrive at their various destinations, they uncover that the planets are not only abandoned, but completely dried out – what were once fertile, colorful worlds are now dusty and desolate. But before the teams can investigate further, Kirkpatrick informs them that yet another planet has sent out a distress call. Josh’s team springs into action, heading toward the planet in their Hornet. When they arrive, they are shocked to discover the planet being drained of its water supply by a large alien ship! The marshals try to stop the plundering, but they are unable to—the ship is too fast and gets away. The GH students ultimately trace the ship back to its H2O-covered home planet where they discover a race of aquatic aliens who are using the stolen water to replenish their own planet’s supply. They must journey under the water (using a cool, new GH gadget) to battle the aliens. In a b-story, Josh tries to hide his inability to swim
7 "Emperor Brett" 107
When a Galaxy High satellite picks up what appears to be a distress signal, Josh’s team is sent to check it out. Fed up with his team not chosen to the mission, Bobby follows Josh's team to prove he's the real leader. The team arrives on a seemingly uninhabited planet and quickly split up to search for the source of the signal. Though Josh and Yoko don’t find anything significant, Brett comes across a race of weird, plant-like aliens. At first he’s scared, but Brett is relieved as the creatures start to worship him as their master. As the aliens cater to Brett’s every whim, the worshipping goes to his head. Brett becomes so consumed with power that he commands his aliens to imprison Josh and Yoko so that he can stay there forever. In a b-story, Brett is tired being treated like a little kid.
8 "Miss Cosmos" 108
While on a mission, Josh, Yoko and Brett stop at a nearby intergalactic “truck-stop” to gas-up and, to their surprise, find that the place is bustling with activity. Why? Because that night they’re hosting the first-ever “Miss Cosmos” Pageant! Josh also decides to stay because of the alien girl. Despite Brett’s protests, Josh goes to a date with the alien girl and Yoko signs up for the competition… and, despite all the completely hilarious/freaky aliens she’s up against, eventually wins. Meanwhile, Brett discovers something strange and tries to explain that to Josh and Yoko, but fails. Yoko, Brett and the pageant contestants are captured. Unfortunately, what Yoko doesn’t know is that the pageant is being run by an evil alien who is using the contest to steal the contestant's beauty and brains. Yoko's beauty and brains are stolen when Brett and the contestants feel they'll be going to doom! Can Josh save their teammates and the pageant contestants before it’s too late? In a b-story, Josh falls for an alien girl.
9 "Yoko's Secret" 109
When several Galaxy High teams are taken on a class field trip to an exotic planet, they are warned to only observe the environment and not to touch anything. Not heeding her teacher’s warning, Yoko spots a cute, tiny little alien creature and covertly confiscates it to take back to GH as her pet. Back at Galaxy High, Yoko goes to extreme lengths to keep the pet a secret from the faculty and other students. But one night, after giving the cute creature a bath, it begins to multiply like mad, budding into hundreds of nasty identical aliens. As the school becomes overrun by these creatures, Yoko has no choice but to come clean and admit what she did. In a b-story, Josh and Brett have to train Fluffy when the ultrapet begins misbehaving until it is soon discovered the ultrapet has the fleas.
10 "Shipwrecked!" 110
When alien spacecrafts start to inexplicably disappear in one corner of the galaxy, Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent on a mission to check it out. As their ship approaches that region of space, the Hornet is uncontrollably sucked toward a small planet where it crash lands. On the planet, the gang finds a bunch of other marooned alien ships and the funny alien pilots who have been shipwrecked there for some time. Unfortunately, the planet is getting sucked toward a black hole. Can the GH gang escape in time or will they be lost forever, swallowed up in the black hole? In a b-story, Yoko is getting sick of spending so much time with Josh and Brett and wants more privacy.
11 "When Josh Attacks!" 111
When an important GH homework assignment comes due and Josh realizes that he’s completely neglected to even start it, he decides he has no choice but to bite the bullet… and cause a major diversion to get him out of his responsibilities! And so, Josh, disguised as an alien invader, sneaks into the Galaxy High TV station where he gets in front of the camera and broadcasts a fake message to the school announcing that he and his evil alien fleet are about to attack the Earth! Classes are cancelled for the day and an irate Principal Kirkpatrick is determined to find out who is behind the “hoax.” And it doesn’t take him long to figure out that it is his own son. Josh’s punishment? A mound of extra homework, due first thing in the morning. As a bummed out Josh heads to the library to pull an all-nighter, the school genuinely does come under attack from alien invaders. Will Josh be able to get everyone to believe him, or could this be the end of Galaxy High? In a b-story, Brett, feeling used, decides not to give Josh any more help with his homework.
12 "Alien Brett" 112
When Brett, Josh and Yoko are sent to capture an evil alien, he almost gets away because he’s waaay too strong for Brett to control. Soon after, Principal Kirkpatrick informs Brett that, although his academic performance at Galaxy High is exemplary, his physical performance just isn’t up to snuff. He tells GH’s youngest marshal that if he doesn’t improve, he’s going to have to dismiss him from the space marshal program entirely! Determined to improve his physicality at any cost, Brett decides to experiment on himself using the alien they captured earlier. He administers himself with traces of the creature’s DNA, hoping it will boost his physical strength. In no time, Brett is feeling stronger. He’s able to excel physically in both the classroom and the field. Unfortunately, there are some outlandish side effects, including extreme aggressiveness. Brett suddenly is transformed into an alien and releases the alien which he experimented himself to be strong. Brett and the alien begin attack GH. Can the gang stop/save Brett before he wipes with the creature everyone at GH out? In a b-story, the GH marshals square off in the annual “Team Of The Year” Competition.
13 "Conference-tation!" 113
When numerous aliens throughout the galaxy mysteriously go missing days before an important Intergalactic Peace Conference, Principal Kirkpatrick sends two teams to check it out. After some investigation, the teams discover that a pattern is emerging—each missing alien seems to possess a unique power: super strength; the ability to read minds; incredible agility; the power of invisibility, etc. Clues ultimately lead the marshals to a fiendish alien scientist who is using the aliens he has abducted to create a new super-alien that is virtually unstoppable. His plan? To unleash the alien at the Peace Conference in hopes of destroying it for his boss, the Dark Force! Can the teams stop him before it’s too late? Or will cosmic chaos be unleashed at the conference? In a b-story, Yoko helps Kirkpatrick deal with his fear of speaking in front of large crowds.
14 "Comet Surfing" 114
The latest craze that’s sweeping the Galaxy is comet surfing – a wild sport where teens use a high-tech “space board” to ride the tail wave of a comet! Josh, Bobby and Toby are all stoked to try the sport, but unfortunately for them, the activity is strictly prohibited by Principal Kirkpatrick. Regardless, that night, they pull out their boards and sneak off to the comet zone. As they hit the surf, Bobby and Josh each try to impress Toby. But ultimately, none of their efforts are very impressive as a massive uber-comet appears and swallows them whole! The next day when they aren’t in class, Principal Kirkpatrick sends their remaining teammates on a mission to try and find them. Clues lead Yoko, Brett and Kimball to the mysterious uber-comet. It turns out that the comet is actually manmade. And it’s being operated from the inside by the bitter alien pioneer of the comet surfing craze, Johnny Stardust. Because comet surfing has become so popular, all of the younger participants have gotten much better than the alien. So much so, that he has lost all of his intergalactic sponsors. His plan? To use his man-made comet to capture the competition and then catapult them into deep space so that the spotlight will once again shine on him. Can the GH students stop this insane alien dude before it’s too late? In a b-story, Bobby and Toby take their competitive spirits to a whole new level and Brett creates a Brettoscope 9000.
15 "Robot Reboot" 115
Josh, in a selfish effort to “upgrade” Fluffy, sneaks into Principal Kirkpatrick’s office and hacks into the GH mainframe. With a few reckless keystrokes, he’s convinced that he’s accomplished his goal… Fluffy is more intelligent, more independent, and is able to complete more tasks for Josh! Unfortunately, what Josh doesn’t realize is that he’s also downloaded a harmful living computer virus, Rex-3, into his ultrapet! The result, Fluffy soon turns evil and plans to take over Galaxy High. Panicked, Josh tries to undo what he’s done… but it’s too late. Fluffy isn’t about to go down without a fight. He quickly upgrades all of the other ultrapets at GH to join in his cause. Can our gang stop the power-mad-robo-mutts before they take their cause intergalactically? In a b-story, Josh, overwhelmed with daily life at Galaxy High, tries to come up with a way to “relieve” his responsibilities.
16 "Mega Moon Mints" 116
When Yoko sees an ad in the back of Brett’s copy of “Space Marshal Quarterly” for “the business opportunity of a lifetime,” she can’t help but to be intrigued. She’s been looking for a way to fund The Yoko Troupers (her new intergalactic theatre troupe) for some time—and selling “Mega Moon Mints” seems to be just the ticket. And so, she quickly sends away for a few hundred boxes of the “deliciously addictive” peppermint edibles. The mints soon arrive—and they’re immediately a huge hit. Yoko is thrilled. That is, until the next day when she wakes up and finds that her fellow GH students and teachers are missing. Yoko goes into investigation mode and figures out that the mints were manufactured on a nearby planet. Along with Josh, Brett, and Fluffy, she takes off to find out what happened. Our gang arrives on the planet to find the missing GH people as well as a handful of other mint-craving aliens—and they also find the evil alien chef who is behind it all. He has engineered his Mega Moon Mints so that anyone who consumes them becomes a mindless mercenary dedicated to his cause of taking over the universe! Brett eats Mega Moon Mints and becomes another drone. Can Josh and Yoko save Brett and others before it's too late? In a b-story, Yoko tries to fund her new theatre troupe, the Yoko Troupers.
17 "Dance Dance Elimination" 117
When a famed, intergalactic virtual gaming arcade opens in their part of the galaxy, Brett, Josh and Yoko rush to check it out – after all, it’s rumored to contain the most challenging games in the entire universe! When they arrive, Brett is quickly dazzled by a 3-D chess-like game; Josh is stoked on a way realistic flying game; and Yoko is entranced by a virtual dance competition. Brett and Josh are easily beaten by their highly-skilled computerized opponents but, to everyone’s shock, Yoko wins – the first competitor to ever defeat one of the games! With prize in hand, she heads back to Galaxy High. Unfortunately, her celebration is short-lived as the virtual dancer from the game, furious that she’s been defeated, comes to life and goes after Yoko!!! The virtual dancer’s plan? To capture Yoko and force her into the video game forever! Can Brett and Josh save her before it’s too late? In a b-story, Yoko gets a crush on Seth, a new kid at Galaxy High.
18 "How Much Is That Human In The Window?" 118
With the Galaxy High celebrating the Christmas holidays, Principal Kirkpatrick is angry because Josh played a prank with putting all of his pictures in one box. For punishment he sends Josh to patrol with Yoko and Brett. When Josh, Yoko and Brett take a wrong turn on a routine patrol and suddenly find themselves lost in unfamiliar space territory, they’re quickly ambushed and captured by an IAC—an Intergalactic Alien Catcher. And, before they know what hit them, they’re locked up in the cosmic version of a dog pound (along with a bevy of other funky alien creatures)! But that’s the least of their worries. Yoko, because she’s so “colorful” and “entertaining,” is almost immediately “adopted” by a rich, bratty alien kid who views her as a plaything! She takes her to her tricked-out space mansion and commands her to entertain her (and, being a spoiled brat, she’s not that easily entertained). It’s up to Brett and Josh to escape the pound and save Yoko before the rough-housing alien runt breaks her like she does all his other toys!!! In a b-story, the Galaxy High gang celebrates the Christmas holidays… space-style.
19 "Class of 2051" 119
It’s early morning and Josh, Yoko and Brett are on a routine patrol when they get a call from Principal Kirkpatrick. Seeing that they’re using their time to goof off, PK instructs them to return to Galaxy High. The team heads back to school – only before they get there, something extremely odd happens. Their Hornet is sucked into a strange vortex and spit back out! Thinking it must’ve been a harmless cosmic tornado, the team continues on their way. Only when they arrive back at GH, they’re met with a huge surprise – not only has the school been overtaken by aliens… but it’s a year in the future!!! The team realizes that the “tornado” they went through must’ve been some kind of space/time wormhole—a wormhole that has brought them face to face with the horrifying future of Galaxy High! Can the team figure out how to help their friends and stop the aliens before they take over the entire universe and get back to the present in time to stop the aliens from invading in the first place? Or will they too fall prey to the alien head suckers? In a b-story, Yoko studies to become a space weather girl.
20 "Mini Marshalls" 120
When Brett discovers that entire planets in the galaxy seem to have inexplicably gone missing, his team is quickly sent to investigate the disturbing phenomenon. As the team searches for any sign of the missing cosmic bodies, they suddenly get a panicked distress call from Earth. When they return to Galaxy High, they witness first hand what’s happening—an alien vessel is using a bizarre ray to physically shrink the planet down to minuscule proportions! The gang springs into action, but before they can stop the culprit, the vessel scoops up the miniaturized planet and disappears. Ultimately, Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are able to track down the baddie on his home planet where they discover that the pint-sized alien’s plan is to reassemble the entire universe in miniature form so that he can rule over it. Can the gang stop this twisted Napoleonic alien villain even after he shrinks them down to the size of space fleas!?! In a b-story, Brett tries a variety of ways to remedy his shortness -- all with comedic results.
21 "Brett Squared" 121
Josh, Yoko and Brett are out on a routine patrol… when suddenly, they find their Defenders caught between two black holes! With each cosmic entity imposing its intense gravitational pull on their ships, Brett’s Defender breaks in two! Luckily, Josh uses a fancy maneuver to save Brett from danger. That night, back at GH, Brett turns in early – the whole black hole ordeal has him not feeling very well. But when he wakes up the next morning, he’s feeling great – until, of course, he realizes that there are two of him!!! Incredibly, the gravitational pull has somehow separated the child part of Brett from the genius part of him! Terrified, the child part wants to tell someone what’s happening right way… but the genius thinks they should keep this under wraps – at least until they figure out how to best deal with the situation. As the child Brett naively goes about his day, he suddenly finds himself under assault. Narrowly able to escape, he tells Josh and Yoko what happened, and that he suspects the genius Brett is to blame. Unfortunately, they don’t believe him. Ultimately, genius Brett captures child Brett and flies him away from GH with plans of getting rid of him for!!! Can Josh and Yoko figure out what’s happening in time to save both halves of their teammate? In a b-story, Yoko enlists Brett to become her manager. Hilarity ensues.
22 "Cosmic Crisis" 122
When Josh’s team is sent on a mission to investigate a series of explosive disturbances in outer space that are sending shockwaves throughout Galaxy High, the gang comes across a small planet with two warring sets of alien neighbors on it. Turns out that the explosions are actually coming from the alien inhabitants who have been fighting one another for several millennium. The students immediately intervene, trying to keep the peace, but in no time, Yoko, Brett, Josh and Fluffy are unwittingly being used as pawns in the feud. No matter how hard they try to get the aliens to call a truce, the feud only gets worse. As the fighting escalates, no one realizes that the disturbances have actually started to pull the planet in half – potentially creating a chain reaction that could destroy half the universe. Can the GH team convince the aliens to put their differences aside and work together to save themselves? In a b-story, Brett is convinced he’s allergic to Josh until he finds he's allergic to Fluffy's cleaning pasta. And Yoko becomes arrogant with her knight role to the school play.
23 "Recycle Rampage" 123
Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent to unload a bunch of outdated Galaxy High computer equipment at an intergalactic junkyard. But when they arrive, they discover that the guard who normally works there is missing. When they attempt to report their findings to Principal Kirkpatrick, they suddenly find themselves under attack and captured by what appears to be some sort of robot constructed out of miscellaneous, discarded electronic components. It turns out that somehow this creature was able to assemble itself and overtake the guard – and now intends on creating a small army of helpers to exact revenge on those who discarded him in the first place... namely Galaxy High! Can Team Galaxy stop this robotic menace before it’s too late? In a b-story, the 2051 ultrapet is released and could possibly put Fluffy out to pasture.
24-26 "Circus Of The Stars" 124-126
While out on patrol, Josh, Yoko and Brett meet a group of alien teenage space racers and are immediately drawn to them. Josh is seduced by the adrenaline rush; Brett’s attracted to the vehicles’ home-made technology and Yoko falls for the group’s cute leader. Though they know they shouldn’t be associating with these aliens, the gang rationalizes they’ve been working hard all year. And with their first year graduation coming up, they feel they deserve to have a little fun. But when the gang uses a Hornet to compete in a race and lose, they’re shocked to learn that they have to surrender the vehicle to the winner! Though they try to talk their way out of it, the menacing space racers won’t back down. When Principal Kirkpatrick discovers what they’ve done, he hands down the strictest punishment of all, expelling them from of Galaxy High. Brett accuses Josh for the situation. Later, back at school, a space craft with a GH symbol on the hull reaches Earth. We learn that it mysteriously disappeared years ago, but somehow it has returned to GH with its original crew intact—or so it seems. Though the former GH residents act normal at first, they soon reveal that they are actually a group of evil aliens disguised as the missing humans – led by the evil alien who abducted them and their ship in the first place! By the time Josh, Brett and Yoko find out what’s happened and head back to GH to save their friends, it’s too late. Everyone has been abducted. Even though they are technically expelled, this is one mission the gang has to carry out. Josh, Brett and Yoko follow a trail of clues which leads them to a strange planet on the edge of the universe. Covertly slipping past security, the gang infiltrates the planet to try to find everyone. What they ultimately discover is that the evil alien who abducted the first GH crew, as well as the present group, is forcing everyone to perform in his ridiculous, over-the-top space circus—where aliens from all over the universe pay top dollar to watch humans risk their lives doing all sorts of dangerous tricks, shows and stunts. The principal of evil circus escapes and saves his stars. Josh, Yoko and Brett are happy after they saved the students, but Principal Kirkpatrick again fires them from GH. Josh discovers the lost of Hornet will fire someone from school. Josh, Yoko and Brett take Kirkpatrick's Hornet and return to racers. The team wins and the racers return to them their Hornet. Meanwhile, GH is attacked by evil clowns. Josh, Brett, Yoko and the racers save the day. Principal Kirkpatrick is happy as he sees Josh's team's Hornet again and rehires them to school. In the b-story, Josh, Yoko and Brett are excited for the graduation.