Joshua "Josh" (voiced by Kirby Morrow) is one of the main characters in the Team Galaxy series,  is on the same team as Yoko and Brett, he is 17 years old and is the son of Principal Kirpatrick. He is, like his father, very handsome.

Personality Edit

Josh is a rebellious adrenaline-junkie, who prefers space training to classroom theory. He mostly fails his classes but succeeds on missions. He was afraid of water after a childhood incident involving him losing his swimming trunks, but has since overcame it after facing it head on. But for all his wild stunts, Josh’s independent thinking is a perfect fit for the team. Although he repeatedly said he wants to be out of GH, he has never really meant it. Josh is very good pilot he can dodge in coming fire, he is also the leader of his team. Josh's team is one of the best marshals on campus then other marshals.