First meeting the marshals.

Johnny Stardust, a former comet surfer, is the main villain of the episode Comet Surfing.


While sneaking out one night to experience the rare joy of comet surfing, Josh, Bobby and Toby discover the comet tail they caught was really a space ship meant to lure interested surfers into trying to catch its tail. Soon, the three marshals were taken to a small, barren planet where they were greeted by Johnny Stardust, only to discover his latest kidnappings.



Johnny posing at the intergalactic invitational.

Once the star of comet surfing, Stardust's sudden disappearance allowed for other surfers to join in on the fun. Soon, these aliens became well-known legends as well, particularly two known as Mars Moondoggy and the Sandman. Upon Stardust's return, he realized he would no longer have the sport to himself as he used to at previous invitatioinals. Kidnapping Mars Moondoggy and the Sandman, he decided to claim the spotlight himself at the next intergalactic invitational.