"Anyone up for paddle mooki?"

Felina is a feline-like alien that is the main Anti-Villain of the episode Shipwrecked.


For reasons unknown, Felina was living on an abandoned planet with no other living lifeforms. Because she was feeling lonely, she decided to build a device that would attract passing ships, known as the Gravitron. Ships that'd fall victim to it would be unable to escape its force, and be forced to crash land onto the deserted planet. This way, she'd have someone to talk to, and would be able to make friends.

Josh and his crew were one of many victims to Felina's Gravitron, and as such attempted to escape through numerous ways, all of them ending in failure. But, when Brett finds the source of their crash landing, he, Josh and Fluffy head to where it's coming from. However, Felina attempts to persuade them to stay in the villiage with her, saying it's "dangerous out there, and very boring too". They don't listen, and soon come across the Gravitron that was trapping them and many others there. When they attempt to destroy it, Felina uses another mechanic-like tool to capture them and hold them captive with the others inside a force field. To make sure they didn't escape, she cofiscates their weapons and takes them to outside the village "so that no one will get hurt".

Unfortunately, she forgets to take one of Yoko's weapons, which causes them to escape, and soon after, destroy her Gravitron entirely. Though this now means the crew could finally leave the planet, gravity was now completely lost. And to make things worse, a red dwarf star was quickly approaching them. So, the team and the other aliens quickly hop into Josh's hornet and drive away. Yoko soon realizes that they nearly forgot Felina, that they can't just leave her there. So, Josh makes a quick swoop towards Felina so that Yoko could catch her and make sure she doesn't get away.

Felina now resides on a planet with over 47,000 species of aliens inhabiting it.

Trivia Edit

  • Felina sings a song called "Gorzup Juice Is Really Sweet" which is to the tune of Camptown Ladies Sing This Song.
  • Although her actions were arguably selfish, her intentions for the most part were good. This makes Felina the only Anti-Villain in the series.