Front view of the crusher.

With a similar appearance to the 6 by 6, the crusher is a vehicle provided to the teams of marshals at Galaxy High for attack and defense purposes of the school. Unlike the 6 by 6, however, it is not kept in the hornet.


The crusher has the same colour and similar build from the bottom up as a 6 by 6 would, the main difference being the fact that it had two large robotic arms attached to either sides of it. Two passengers on either side of the driver in this vehicle could use their own hand movements to similate the movements of both arms in the crusher. These hands are also strong enough to hold up the vehicle itself as well.


The crusher was first shown Episode 10: Alien Brett, by the command of Principal Kirkpatrick to help stop clobhoppers from destroying Galaxy High. It showed speed and some strength as the teams worked together to stop the attacking alien creatures.